2.6 Auto aided Manual Control

How can IoT systems operating in manual control mode be overriden by auto control?

 2.6.1 Problem

An IoT system control can be set to manual or auto or coordinated. While the system is exclusively in manual / auto mode the respective control (manual / auto) is activated. However, while operating in manual mode if the health condition of the human operator goes bad then it can result in a catastrophe.

 2.6.2 Solution

When set to manual mode, the manual control is active. System monitors the manual health continuously. In case, abnormality is detected in manual health, system switches to auto mode automatically.

Figure 11Manual system control with auto override

 2.6.3 Application

Health monitoring sensors constantly monitor the operator health. Based on the health condition the exclusive manual/auto switch output is overriden.

 2.6.4 Examples / Use-cases

  1. Aircraft in manual mode, pilot unconscious, system can override the control