2.3 Manual and Auto shared control (Hands-on, Level 1)

How can IoT systems share responsibility across manual and auto control in a predetermined way?

 2.3.1 Problem

In an IoT system certain control can be automated and another set of control remain manual. How a predetermined part of the control can remain manual and the other automated.

 2.3.2 Solution

A predetermined auto / manual control determines which all controls to be manual and which to be auto. Either of auto or manual is enabled for each control.

Figure 5 Manual – Auto shared Control pattern – Parking Assistance exmaple

 2.3.3 Application / Implementation

Each control (eg., Speed and Steering) checks the state of the control switch defined for itself. If the control switch indicates manual for speed then manual control is enabled for speed control. If the control switch indicates auto for steering then auto steering control is enabled. No overriding control is allowed.

 2.3.4 Examples / Use-cases

Driver and automated system shares control over the vehicle. An example would be Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) where the driver controls steering and the automated system controls speed. In another example of Parking Assistance, steering is automated while speed is manual.