2.1 Expert driven manual control (Level 0)

How can IoT Systems be manually controlled by a Subject Matter Expert (SME)?

 2.1.1 Problem

Complex and day-zero IoT problems may require, SME attention for resolution. This can be time consuming and inefficient.

 2.1.2 Solution

An expert management portal is established with the ability to interface with device layer for device monitoring and device control. These expert management systems abstract the network and device complexity and present their status in a user-friendly manner to the SME for analysis and resolution.

Figure 1 Expert driven manual control

2.1.3 Application

Standard and custom-built Network Management Systems (NMS) are used to monitor and control the IoT devices, network and applications. These NMS systems can monitor and control several physical and virtual sensors spread across the network, they receive the telemetry feed from these sensors, presents the data in a user-friendly manner for expert analysis and control. Thus, they reduce the system complexity, improve response time and efficiency.

 2.1.4 Examples / Use-cases

Any day-zero issues and complex to automate issues normally fall in this category. Certain use-cases which require co-ordination between multiple management systems also fall in this category until integrated.


  • Scheduling appropriate doctor based on the patient’s complications

  • Scheduling truck roll for refilling generator fuel