2.7 Manual System Control with Auto override

How can IoT systems operate in auto mode and alert system state?

 2.7.1 Problem

While an IoT system is running in auto mode several abnormalities in system parameters and system state can occur. This can result in subsequent system failure.

 2.7.2 Solution

An IoT sytem running in auto mode need to monitor and notify system state to the operator. Thus, the operator be aware of system abnormalities and impending system failures and take corrective action.

Figure 12 Auto system control with emergency alerts

 2.7.3 Application

The autocontrolled IoT system can monitor the system state and raise notifications of different severity based on the abnormality level, while, the auto control continues to function as programmed.

 2.7.4 Examples / Use-cases

  1. Automatic temparature control in a plant, when control fails it can raise alert Critical/Major/Minor depending on the state

  2. Car engine temparature raise alarm, engine stops at some threshold level