1.4 Context Information Model

How can context activities be modelled for high precision and recall by Context-aware applications?

1.4.1 Problem

What is the information model that abstracts how context is sensed, provided, learned, produced and/or used? The model should support understanding, problem-solving, and communications among stakeholders about a given subject vertical domain.

1.4.2 Solution

Object instances are tied to an ontology Class or Concept. During decision making or applying inferencing algorithms, the inferencer will know the meaning of the object instance.

1.4.3 Application

Enable information retrieval and adapt automatically to the user’s current context – her location, activities, users and devices in the vicinity, personal preferences, etc.

1.4.4 Examples / Use-cases:

Below is an example of a context information model to capture a retail shopper’s interactions in a physical store environment with the objects, object instances and the predicates (i.e. viewed, liked, recommended, bought, reviewed)