Advance Praise for the book

“This book is THE Reference for Digital Transformation!”.

Guillermo Diaz, CIO, Cisco Systems

“..a must read for anyone embarking on the Digitization journey.

The architectural framework is comprehensive in scope, practical in approach..”

Ravi Sankar, Vice-President, Cisco Systems

“Enterprise Digitization Patterns has been authored at the right time”.

Mohammmed Aslam, CIO, Qatar Airways

“Very insightful, practical and useful for both planning and implementation,

a great survival guide to digital businesses”

Rao Cherukuri, Chief Product Officer, Device Authority,

Founder/CEO Perspica (Acquired by Cisco)

“.. the book appeals to everyone from the developer, designer to architects and practitioners.”

Ramesh Nethi, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco Systems

“this book should lie next to all the messy paperwork that accompanies strategy

and architecture, with its pages wide open and stained by coffee and tea mugs!

I hope more folks like me beg, borrow or steal this book, and then read it too!!”

Shobhit Mathur, Co-Founder, eRx, Analytics Quad4

“Each design pattern in the book is akin to a lego block in the construction

of the Digitization architecture. You can combine these blocks in unique ways

and extend it to eventually create that killer experience that customers and

employees are ‘wow’ed by”

Sri Ramachandran, Solutions Integration Architect, Cisco Systems

“an extraordinarily rich compilation of reference material!

Narasimhan and Chundury successfully attempt the difficult task of providing a frame of reference for all those interested in disruptive digitization strategies. You will find it to be an invaluable companion on your challenging journey!

Dr Venkat Srinivasan, Chairman, Rage Frameworks, MA

Author “The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data”

“The authors bring a deep understanding of the architectures and design patterns that enable digital transformations and disruptions.

A cookbook of practical advice and executable actions which they have packaged into consumable chunks”

V.C.Gopalratnam, Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems

“..a rare book that would be a practical reference for designers and architects. As a reader, I enjoyed the real-life examples presented; they are easy to relate to.”

N.Sreenivasa Rao, Senior Vice President, Engineering Services, Celstream