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Editorial Review: Enterprise Digitization Patterns

About the Book

Digitization and AI are at the center of every board room conversation these days.  Most CEOs, senior management and boards are less worried about their traditional competitors.  The impact of disruption through digitization is real and quantifiable – 52% of Fortune 500 companies have been replaced since 2000. The task of enabling new digital business models gets exponentially harder as the complexity of systems are greater. Most CIOs, CTOs are struggling with when to start, what to do, and how to meet the expectations of their CEOs and Boards.  Design patterns help narrow this gap by documenting a well-working solution to a problem that occurs repeatedly in a given context. Our book “Enterprise Digitization Patterns” breaks down digital disruption enablers and delivers a cookbook across three key pillars – Digital Experience, Enterprise IoT and Autonomous Systems. The book provides reference architectures, design patterns, maturity models and practical case studies to drive new forms of customer value, business outcomes and business models. The design patterns are distinct or relevant to modern-day enterprise digital platforms that enables enterprise digital business models.

Book Table of Contents


How did Starbucks disrupt with their “Mobile Order & Pay” service?

How does Netflix’s Automation Platform help grow its subscribers rapidly?

How did Harley-Davidson disrupt by applying IoT?

Breaking down Digital Disruption – “The Whats”

Breaking down Digital Disruption – “The Hows”

Design Patterns and the Structure


Pillar One: Context-aware Experience


Reference Architecture for Context-aware Experiences

A Maturity Model for enabling Context-aware Experiences in an Enterprise

Context-aware Experiences Design Patterns

Context-aware Experience Design Patterns in Practice

A Cheat Sheet: Key design patterns to enable context-aware experiences

Pillar Two: Enterprise IoT


Reference Architecture for Enterprise IoT

A Maturity Model for an Enterprise IoT

Enterprise IoT Controller Design Patterns

Manual, Automated and Robotic Control patterns

Enterprise IoT Hierarchical control patterns

Enterprise IoT Messaging Patterns

Enterprise IoT Design Patterns in Practice

Enterprise IoT design patterns mapped to IoT reference architecture

A Cheat Sheet: Key design patterns to enable Enterprise IoT

Pillar Three: Autonomous Systems


What is an Autonomous IT System?

Reference Architecture of an Autonomous IT System

A Maturity Model for an Autonomous IT System

Autonomous IT System Design Patterns

Autonomous System Design Patterns in Practice

A Cheat Sheet – Key Design Patterns to enable Autonomous Systems

Putting it together

Design Patterns as the abstraction to deal with complexity

Assembling the Three Pillars

Getting Started, Keeping it going

A Final Word


Enterprise Digitization in a Nutshell